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Here at Redfins Angling we offer an extensive selection of coarse fishing baits ranging from boilies to pellets. Bait is designed to entice fish to the area of water that you are fishing, but it is always an advantage for any fisher to understand the bait needed for different fishing conditions. We stock a varied range of baits from leading manufacturers including Fox, Maver, and Senses fishing baits thus ensuring that the highest quality of bait is available for you.

Why not check out our selection of ground bait.Ground bait is designed to release a strong smell and fine texture that will attract the fish into an area of water encouraging them to feed more aggressively for longer therefore increasing your chances of having a successful fishing trip. Redfins Angling also stock Time Bomb Pellets which work like traditional pellets but they have varying breakdown rates that are guaranteed to release an irresistible and
continuous food source in the area being fished, making them ideal for shallow fishing. Another type of bait that is sure to increase your catch count is the innovative S-Pellets, a fish friendly hooker that constantly leaks an addictive-laced oil to pull fish into the area of water being fished.

These are just a small selection of baits available at Redfins Angling: we are bound to stock one that suits your fishing preference, so order yours online today!



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